Patient Testimonials

Out of all of the healthcare providers I've been to (which have been many), Dustin is the all time best. He actually cares, he listens to your concerns, and doesn't just try to fix you with drugs and unrelated medications. Haven't felt this good in YEARS!!! – Jennifer

Love Dustin and his staff. I was such a hot mess when I met him. He got me off most my meds. I found out about several medical conditions that were at least causing some of my problems. I no longer have to see my gastroenterologist, my endocrinologist, my psychiatrist, my hematologist,  or my internist because Dustin tied everything together. I was annoyed at first with how many questions he asked about all my medical conditions when I came for depression, but now I'm upset I didn't come sooner – Bryce

Dustin has been an exceptional support to my family. He is very professional, and his ability to connect with my child has been amazing. Others have not been able to establish a connection. Dustin is very knowledgeable regarding medication, and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand – Schyler

I highly recommend. I live in a different state and still go to Dustin for my medical conditions. He totally gets me and always directs me in the right direction. Office staff is great too. They're quick to respond and very helpful – Clarene

Jasmer Health gave me a new lease on life. In less than a year, I have more energy than I've had for a long time. And I started losing weight!! I feel alive again. Thanks Dustin! – JoAnn

Dustin actually listens. He is just good and he nailed my diagnosis on the first visit. He is also funny! I keep telling him to be a comedian, but I guess he wouldn't be my doctor if he did so I'm glad he doesn't tell jokes for a living. Dustin makes me comfortable every time I come in.