Child intake

Is your child struggling in school? Behavioral health conditions can lead to academic difficulties, social impairment, and class absences. Often these struggles are rooted in mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. When left untreated, the impact of these health conditions can extend to the entire family. 

We can help! We meet with new pediatric patients in two separate appointments, each 1 hour.We believe a thorough initial evaluation is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

We have seen many children, adolescents, and families improve significantly with treatment of mental health conditions. We are conservative with our treatment approach, and we recognize that medication is not the only answer. We will always listen to your concerns, and include both patient and parent when deciding the best treatment. Take the first step toward helping your child reach their full potential, and contact us for an appointment today!


Adult intake

Are depression and anxiety holding you back in life? Have you tried different medications, without the improvements you hoped for? Mental health conditions affect every aspect of life, including home, work, school, family, and friendships. 

Living with mental health conditions can feel frustrating and overwhelming. It's hard to know where to turn, and it's even more difficult to approach others for help. 

We work with adults of all ages. We will listen to your concerns, and we'll work with you to design a treatment plan for your unique needs. While we specialize in behavioral health, we also examine physical health concerns in our patients. Often we discover undiagnosed physical conditions that contribute to a patient's mental health concerns. 

We believe in treating the whole person, and we utilize a comprehensive approach with every patient. We believe patients are the best experts of their own lives. We strive to form a partnership with every patient, focused on how to help you reach your best self. If you're struggling with mental health concerns, we can help! Please contact us for an appointment today. We would love to hear from you!